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Sophia Harvey

MPsyc (Couns), LLB (Hons), GDLP, BPsyc (Hons), MAPS, MDTAA

I am enthusiastic about supporting individuals, groups, communities and organisations to thrive. As a practicing psychologist, I provide counselling and consulting services worldwide. I endeavour to work holistically with clients to resolve challenges and consider it important to work within a systems framework. I utilise proficient communication and creative processes to stimulate client inquiry, awareness and understanding of the issues. Client-centred practices are considered essential to support assimilation of desired change.

I have around 20 years of experience working internationally and cross-culturally within the humanitarian sector: in law, psychology and community development. This work has involved legal advocacy and analysis, research, counselling, facilitation of training seminars, group consultations and program creation. My key areas of specialisation have been childhood and adult trauma, juvenile and adult criminality, human rights, conflict resolution, mental health and wellbeing. An ongoing focus of this work has been investigating what is required to create sustainable growth and fulfilment individually and collectively.

Organisations I have worked within include the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Indigenous Community Volunteers, the Legal Services Commission of South Australia, and specialist refugee and asylum seeker torture and trauma agencies (for example, the Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture). I have also taught in higher education institutes, coordinating Masters of Counselling courses at Monash University and engaging as a Faculty Member at Metavision Institute, a holistic psychotherapy training institute (this work is ongoing). Primarily my work has been based in South-East Asia, the Pacific Islands and Australia, including remote Indigenous communities.

The rich diversity of this work has given me a deep awareness of cultural nuances and global barriers to healthy human development. Working intensively with very challenging issues has meant that I am highly skilled in working with complexity, whilst understanding the human capacity for positive transformation.

Key areas Sophia can assist you, your team or community with



Mild Depression

Conflict Resolution


Relationship Issues

Burn Out


Mental Health

Life Transitions

Professional Growth


Sophia Harvey’s workshops were very stimulating and thought provoking. Her professionalism and commitment to supporting the group dynamics and group needs were refreshing. I thoroughly enjoyed training with Sophia.

- Christine

Holistic Psychology

Holistic Psychology is an integrative therapeutic approach that considers it paramount to work with the “whole” person or group to support deep connection and transformation.

This means considering the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects present, along with relational and environmental influences. In her sessions, Sophia provides people with the opportunity to explore, understand and resolve their challenges. Her approach draws upon Eastern, Western and Indigenous psychological theories and philosophies.

Holistic Psychology provides a safe and confidential environment for individuals, groups and communities to engage in therapy. Some of the matters commonly addressed with Sophia using this therapeutic practice are: abuse, trauma, anxiety, mild depression, bereavement, low self-esteem, conflict resolution and life transitions. She has extensive experience working with children, adolescents and adults, including culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities.

With any presenting issue, Sophia draws upon the wisdom of her clients, using a wide range of client-centered and creative processes to assist them in attaining therapeutic goals. As well as supporting individuals, groups and communities to address their challenges, she is driven in assisting them to understand how to maintain long-term wellbeing and promote rich and fulfilling lives.

Sophia is currently only providing telehealth sessions for both Australian and International clients.

Of relevance to Australian clients, Sophia is registered with the Psychology Board of Australia and is a member of the Australian Psychological Society.

Private Health Fund and Medicare rebates are available.

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Sophia is skilled in the following psychological and psychotherapeutic practices:

Mindfulness-Based Practices

Somatic (body-based) Psychotherapy

Process-Oriented Psychology


Narrative Therapy

Play-Based Approaches

Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy



Sophia provides a range of training services nationally and internationally for professionals.

She often works collaboratively with other wellbeing colleagues to create and deliver training programs. All trainings involve attendee participation through Zoom or in person to support a richer learning experience.

Organisational and community trainings and workshops are tailored to your requirements as part of a consultancy package.

If you would like Sophia to design a training or workshop to suit your needs, please get in contact.

Sophia also offers Empowerment Coaching Programs


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